The M.O.M. (Manage Organize Myself) Method is a comprehensive web-based program that combines effective parenting strategies with real-world time and task management tools for kids ages 6 to 12. It's designed as a sustainable, long-term solution to help kids learn to plan for, organize and manage their responsibilities and time so they can achieve higher levels of independence and self-sufficiency.

Lots of sites offer parenting advice or downloadable calendars and schedules, but they don't put it all together in one complete, yet simple-to-follow program. The M.O.M. Method does. With a smart overall strategy, step-by-step guide and practical tools that are fun for kids to use, The M.O.M. Method gives you all the right ingredients together in one simple recipe.

Just add kids, and mix!


  • Jeff Palitz, L.M.F.T and Dad Children ages 8, 11 "The concepts that The M.O.M. Method is based on support independence, and feelings of confidence and competence."
  • Brandon and Dana Black, Stepfamily Children ages 6, 8, 14 "Use The M.O.M. Method, stick with it, and you’ll see amazing results!"
  • Breena Hayman, Working Single Mom Children ages 10, 12 "How do you get your children to become self-sufficient? The M.O.M. Method…makes the process smooth sailing!"
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